Peter Smith - Rub-A-Dub Tub

A romantic low light scene of a roll top romance from a couple that loves nothing better than sharing everything they do in life. It’s been painted with a colour scheme that will make this limited edition easy
to fit in any room, that was what we intended, bathroom pictures are not only for the bathroom! Because a model was used to get the correct lighting you will find when viewing in low levels of light the candles will actually look more realistic.

Please note that this item is available to pre-order but orders will not be dispatched and won't be available in gallery until late October. However, if you can join us on Sunday21st September, 12-4pm, Peter Smith will be at the Artmarket Gallery, with the full collection, for his first exhibition of this new collection. An excellent chance to see the 7 new prints and 3 sculptures in the flesh and pre order your favourites! 

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